AWG 2020 – Team NT!

Congratulations to every skater who participated in the AWG trials on Jan 24th and 25th. The hard work is paying off and the results are showing! Below is the final roster for Team NT – Speed Skating

Juvenile Females
Skauge, Kali YK
McEachern, Maica YK
Kapraelian, Madeleine YK
Messier, Rebecca YK

1st Alternate Tanche-Hanna, Amaria Ft S
2nd Alternate Touesnard, Josée HR

Juvenile Males
Acorn, Sage YK
Duperré, Noam YK
Picek, Kaleb IN
Dunn, Lochlan YK

1st Alternate Clinton, Byran YK
2nd Alternate Barnard, Maliq YK

Junior Females
Erasmus, Ava Ft S
Hult-Griffin, Seigna IN
Lafferty, Mikayla Ft S
Pellissey, Georgia YK

Junior Males
Mcleod, Dalton IN
Hult-Griffin, Stryden IN
Rourke, Sylvain YK
Dizon, Luke YK

1st Alternate MacGillivray, Lachlan YK

Kerry Egan YK
Alexandre LaRouche YK

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