NWT Speed Skating’s summer camp

2017 summer camp

NWT Speed Skating hosts a five-day camp for young athletes each summer. Stay tuned for details about 2018’s event!

Summer Camp usually takes place in the second half of August. Camp involves five days of on-ice development and dry-land training under the supervision of expert guest coaches from across Canada.

We are proud to provide one of the most cost-effective camps in the North. In 2017, the full five-day camp cost each skater between $50 and $65 depending on their experience and duration of on-ice time required.

Parents evaluating our 2017 camp graded it 4.8 out of 5 for both the overall quality of the camp and the quality of coaching received. Comments included:

Coach Todd brought a wealth of experience and knowledge to this camp, plus he believes in empowering the skaters to learn and listen on their own and improve their skills by motivating themselves. Several game changing moments for these skaters this past week.

Coach Hannah impresses with her natural ability to lead and teach and is does it with a fun and progressive approach. The skaters were engaged!

2017 summer camp

Camps are split into two groups:

Group 1 skaters are older (usually 12 to 17 years of age), more experienced, and likely to be competing in speed skating events in southern Canada or considering the opportunity to do so.

Group 2 skaters are younger (usually 9 to 13 years of age), less experienced, and likely to be working on their next steps in the sport – or transferring from another sport.

Full details of our 2018 camp will be available in the late spring.