2023 AWG

The 2023 AWG were held in the Wood Buffalo Region of Alberta on January 29 to February 4, 2023.

The 2023 Team NT Arctic Winter Games Short Track Speed Skating Team included:

  • Sage Acorn, Yellowknife
  • Byran Clinton, Yellowknife,
  • Lochlan Dunn, Yellowknife
  • Kaleb Picek, Inuvik
  • Maica McEachern, Yellowknife (injured, unable to attend)
  • Rebecca Messier, Yellowknife
  • Erika Pollard, Yellowknife
  • Kali Skauge, Yellowknife
  • Logan Doll, Yellowknife (injured, unable to attend)
  • Seiya McEachern, Yellowknife
  • Peter Mahon, Yellowknife
  • Marton Nakano-Mazan, Inuvik
  • Lachlan Conway-Adams, Inuvik
  • Brigid Murphy, Yellowknife
  • Kara Nelson, Yellowknife
  • Morgan Nelson, Yellowknife
  • Amaria Tanche-Hanna, Fort Simpson
  • Payton Bennett, Fort Simpson
  • Coach Phillipe Breton, Yellowknife
  • Coach Madison Pilling, Fort Simpson
  • Coach Austin Miller, Yellowknife
  • Coach Valerie Gendron, Fort Simpson

The protocol for the 2023 AWG Trials can be found here.