Summer Camp

Speed Skating NWT hosts a five-day camp for young athletes from across the NWT each summer. Summer Camp registration opens annually at the end of June.

Due to the recent wildfire evacuations and highway closures in the NWT, Speed Skating NWT has made the difficult decision to cancel its 2023 Summer Camp. We look forward to having Coach Marika and Coach Chris join us next summer for the 2024 camp.

Summer camp involves five days of on-ice development, dry-land training, classroom sessions, and team bonding activities under the supervision of expert guest coaches.

We are proud to provide one of the most cost-effective camps in the North. In 2022, the full five-day camp cost each skater between $75 and $85, depending on their experience and duration of on-ice time required.

The camp is split into two groups:

Group 1: ages 12 to 17 years, more experienced skaters who are likely to be competing in speed skating meets in southern Canada or considering the opportunity to do so.

Group 2: ages 9 to 13 years, less experienced skaters who are likely to be working on their next steps in the sport.

For further information about Speed Skating NWT’s Summer Camp, please contact Jody at